Custom Flagstone Work

By using flagstone, instead of more conventional concrete, we can create a unique entrance to your property that all friends and family will appreciate. Call our team now to learn more about how custom flagstone in Escondido, CA, will increase your property value while boosting your curb appeal.

Outdoor Fireplace

A beautiful and useful outdoor fireplace can become a wonderful addition to your home where friends and family can gather together to enjoy the warmth and scenery. Let us make the most of your outdoor entertainment area by designing, building, and installing a reliable outdoor fireplace for your home in Escondido, CA, and any encompassing city.

Decoratively Designed Pillars

As hardscape specialists, we always try to help our clients achieve the look they're after. Pillars are an excellent addition to one's home that'll add elegance which will set you apart from others. Contact our team now in Escondido, CA, and ask for a free estimate in regards to your upcoming decorative pillar installation. 

Water Feature

Does the sound of a waterfall bring you ease and peace of mind? Do you wish you could enjoy that wonderful sound in your backyard? With our expert experience, we can help you create a beautiful water feature that you can enjoy for years to come. As the most reliable landscaping company in Southern California, trust our team for your next water feature installation and call us today to get started!


Want to spend time outdoors with friends and family? Make smores, tell jokes, and enjoy your time together? Feel a fireplace is too big for your backyard? A fire pit can be the perfect thing you're looking for! Small, warm, and best of all you can customize it to your liking. Contact our team now to get started designing the perfect firepit for your specific landscape today in Escondido, CA, and all surrounding areas.


Enjoy grilling some juicy steaks outside on Sunday afternoons? Wish you had more room to put your things? A built-in BBQ may be a perfect choice. Not only do you have more space to place your things, but you also have the option to include a mini-fridge, cabinets,  a sink, and much more! Let us fully customize and design a BBQ area for you today in Escondido, CA, by giving us a call to get started today.  

Beautiful Pathways

Have a steep slope? Worried its just wasted land? Do we wish you could enjoy the view at the top of the slope?

Worry no more. What was once a steep slope has now been turned into steps descending in a curved manner to create a pleasing visual effect. Retaining walls were plastered and stuccoed using the same texture and color as the house so that a cohesive look can be obtained. So call us now to nook your next pathway installation/build service with us today.

Elevated Patios

What was once a steep slope has now been converted into a patio overlooking the owners beautiful home. Keystone retaining walls are used to help retain the dirt and create a flat surface where the ground can then be prepared, compacted, and pavers laid. As an added protection, a steel cable fence is installed to help keep the children safe and away from the edge. Not only does it serve as a protective barrier for the kids, but it also helps tie everything together making it a simple, elegant, and relaxing patio for the whole family giving them peace of mind. So if you're interested in having an elevated patio for your property in Escondido, CA, and any surrounding area, contact us now to get started.