FAQS | Majestic Hardscapes

Who will work on my landscape?

Before each project starts we hand a paper with the name of each employee that will be present on-site to familiarize our clients with our employees and help our clients feel confident.

FAQS | Majestic Hardscapes

Are you insured and licensed?

We have all the necessary licenses needed by the state of California. Aside from having the necessary permits and licenses, we also have insurance to protect the homeowners' property if any damages were to happen to the property. We also have Workers comp in case any of our employees are hurt while on site.

FAQS | Majestic Hardscapes

What kind of landscaping do you do?

We are able to do anything from pavers to artificial turf. However, we specialize in hardscape such as concrete, flagstone. veneer, Stacked stone, Firepits, and more!



About Us | Majestic Hardscapes

With more than 20 years of experience, we know first hand what sort of issues to expect when starting a new project and with that knowledge comes an adequate solution to each issue cutting no corners. We'll work on your property as if it was our own. We get satisfaction knowing our customers enjoyed the transformation of their property, and can now properly enjoy it for the years to come. 


About Us | Majestic Hardscapes

Before starting each project, the owners of the company will sit down and have an extensive talk with our clients to make sure we explain how each phase of the project will be completed to help them feel confident in their investment. From digging the trenches to pouring the concrete, and everything in between. 


About Us | Majestic Hardscapes

Everyone at Majestic Hardscapes shares the same dedication and love for the trade. Enjoying what we do from sun up to sundown, focusing on the details and functionality of every aspect of the project until completion, from centering our drains to evenly spacing our plants. It's all in the details, after all, and we won't finish a job until every detail is checked off our list.